Summer Reads 2023

Our contributors pick books to make sense of a tumultuous summer

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Las Vegas is the future of the West

BY David Patrikarakos / 5 mins

Foucault foresaw our identity crisis

BY Matt Feeney / 8 mins

Why you should read like a child

BY Nikhil Krishnan / 7 mins

Stop comparing the West to Rome

BY Alexander Poots / 6 mins

The cursed outposts of America’s empire

BY Lily Lynch / 6 mins

Why you should be a thick traveller

BY Chris Arnade / 6 mins

The four thinkers who took on the mob

BY Kathleen Stock / 7 mins

The new paganism of the digital age

BY Rob Doyle / 5 mins

Did David Foster Wallace predict the future?

BY Sarah Ditum / 6 mins

In defence of critical theory

BY John Michael Greer / 8 mins