Weekly podcast: Some Republicans vowed ‘Never Trump’. Some in Labour promised to defeat Corbyn. Where are they now?

Earlier this week on UnHerd we profiled the continuing resistance to Donald Trump and to Jeremy Corbyn.

James Bloodworth profiled the Never Corbyns and Michael Brendan Dougherty examined the differing extents to which anti-Trumpers have remained anti-Trump.

James and Douglas Murray came into the UnHerd studio to discuss the role of events, the media and some former leaders – Tony Blair and George W Bush – in creating the unprecedented changes that we’ve seen in the leadership and outlook of two of the world’s most established parties.

And a key question: are these changes an aberration or are non-establishment politicians the new normal?

For most of the half hour there was largely agreement and then Douglas threw the equivalent of a hand grenade into the the conversation with three minutes to go… Enjoy!