Jonathan Rowson’s Confessions — Chess, concentration and climate change

Giles chats to the philosopher and chess grandmaster about the beauty of chess, the importance of spirituality and why the political spectrum is fake news.

Andrew Sullivan’s Confessions — Catholicism, coming out and Jeremy Corbyn

Giles talks to author and political commentator Andrew Sullivan about his troubled home life, how moving to America liberated him and why Jeremy Corbyn is the real 'Britain Trump'.

George Monbiot’s Confessions — Boarding school, the BBC and Extinction Rebellion

Giles chats to the environmental activist and "professional troublemaker" about boarding school, the climate emergency and a near-death experience.

Rory Stewart on Love, Brexit and Boris Johnson

Freddie Sayers talks to Rory Stewart about Love, romantic Conservatives and how Boris Johnson made him feel like an abused wife

Grace Blakely: what the Left can learn from Thatcher

Freddie Sayers talks to the Left-wing economics writer about what her plans would mean in the real world

The truth about immigration in Sweden

Freddie Sayers talks to Swedish activist Siavosh Derakhti about antisemitism and violence in Malmö

Hassan Damluji interview: Can we Build a Global Nation?

Freddie talks to Hassan Damluji about his new book 'The Responsible Globalist'

Tory MP on Kleptocrats and crime lords living “bling” lifestyles

Freddie Sayers asks the PM's 'anti-corruption advisor' John Penrose MP about the "good rich" versus the "bad rich"

Conference roundtable: David Goodhart, Madeline Grant, Matthew Goodwin

We found a quiet spot outside Conservative Party Conference to discuss whether, beyond Brexit, the Tory Party are really answering the demands of Brexit voters...

Yoram Hazony’s Confessions – Nationalism, Imperialism, and Israel

Giles sits down with Israeli philosopher Yoram Hazony in a special episode recorded in Jerusalem.

Stephen Kinnock: the Labour Party is in danger

Paul Embery talks to Stephen Kinnock at the Labour Party Conference about the future of the Labour Party, and why he wants a cross party Brexit deal.

Sam Gyimah: why I became a Lib Dem

Freddie Sayers sits down in Bournemouth with the newest Lib Dem MP and asks, how is he not a true conservative?

Elif Shafak’s Confessions – Populism, polarities and post-truth fiction

Charles Clarke: what we got wrong on globalisation

Freddie Sayers asks Tony Blair's home secretary whether the roots of Brexit were sewn during his time

Alan Johnson’s Confessions – London, Labour and leadership

Tom Tugendhat interview: is ‘National Conservatism’ coming to the UK?

What constitutes a “real” Conservative, and what's the future of Conservatism?

Lisa Nandy: Why I didn’t vote for May’s deal

Representing the overwhelmingly pro-Leave constituency of Wigan, she was one of a group of Labour MPs that those of us who supported Theresa May’s deal had hoped would eventually swing behind it...

Jesse Norman’s Confessions – Capitalism, Conservatism and proroguing parliament

Vernon Bogdanor: blame MPs, not the government

Freddie Sayers sits down with constitutional expert Vernon Bogdanor at the Big Tent Ideas Festival.

David Brooks interview: why social freedom is not a good feeling

The NYT columnist discusses how to make life – and politics – more meaningful