The adage that politicians need all the support they can get doesn’t always hold true — some endorsements are best avoided. It has been reported today that one of the major funders of George Galloway’s Workers Party of Britain is Tristan Tate, a self-described “kickboxer and businessman” perhaps better known as the younger brother of notorious manosphere influencer Andrew Tate. The siblings are currently under investigation for human trafficking and involvement in organised crime, and both have been accused of sexual assault by multiple women.

Tristan Tate reportedly paid a total of £5,000 to Galloway’s party in the days after the general election was called. Tate the Elder has also been dragged into this weirdest of elections: he has been praised by Reform UK’s Nigel Farage, who views himself as part of the same phenomenon inspiring disillusioned young men. Will Jordan Peterson come out for the Lib Dems next?