And on the subject of crime… Are you concerned about a rise in burglar break-ins in your neighbourhood? Well, there’s nothing to fear — Toronto Police are here. Amid a 25% rise in car thefts across the Greater Toronto area this year, police are now recommending that residents leave their key fobs near the front door so that burglars have easy access to them. Officials say that break-ins largely occur for the purpose of stealing cars, not other items, so granting easy access minimises the risk of further damage and theft.

As part of the new auto theft prevention strategy, police are also installing door stops at high-risk homes. But it remains unclear how one rather feeble-looking sheet of metal and bolt (see clip above) will prevent seasoned criminals from breaking in. It must be reassuring for Toronto residents that the next time a masked stranger slams down their front door, they will only be losing their car (and door).