It was less than five years ago that Boris Johnson campaigned and won on a mandate to deliver Brexit, gobbling up the UK’s Leave vote. Now, according to the latest Times/YouGov poll, the Conservatives have fallen to third place among Leave voters. Reform UK’s total of 32% of the vote share may not be wholly surprising, but Labour now sits at 28% for Brexit supporters, ahead of the Tories on a dismal 27%.

Perhaps the most worrying part of the poll, for Rishi Sunak at least, is that Reform is still climbing. Richard Tice’s party polled at 16% among all voters, closing the gap with the Conservatives to just 2%. If Nigel Farage puts an end to the flirting and actually heads up Reform for the election, that 2% will surely disappear. With the Tories also third among Remain supporters, losing the Leave contingent makes one wonder what the party stands for anymore.