A neo-Nazi hate group went viral over the weekend after marching in Nashville, but many on the American Right suspect that the march was a sting operation run by federal agents.

Patriot Front members, who wear matching khakis, polo shirts and identity-obscuring masks, are too uniform to be an organic far-Right hate group, some have argued. Republican Senator Mike Lee suggested the group was part of a false flag operation, an argument Right-wingers on X have been making years. Indeed, last year podcast host Joe Rogan raised similar concerns, asking: “Where’s the fat people? [sic]”

A viral clip of such an incident highlights the stark difference in appearance between the Patriot Front and other American far-Right groups: the Proud Boys wore jeans, t-shirts with sleeves cut off, and the occasional mullet, while several were noticeably overweight. Patriot Front members, on the other hand, were uniformly slim. Can’t a far-Right group be in good shape?