Life ain’t easy for RFK Jr. The general election is less than eight months away, but the independent candidate has, so far, only made it onto two state ballots (New Hampshire and Utah), with his campaign increasingly strapped for cash. Until now, the Kennedy scion could comfort himself with relatively strong polling figures: in a five-way race, he wins nearly 14% of the vote, which is well above fellow independent challengers Cornel West and Jill Stein.

But new polling puts those figures in a slightly different light. According to Puck magazine, only 24% of Kennedy supporters said they were definitely going to vote for him in November, with 65% saying there was a chance they would change their mind (Stein and West supporters were even less committed). Puck also found that much of the support for Kennedy is “surface-level” and based on his famous surname. In the online survey, the magazine tested whether likely voters could identify RFK Jr in a side-by-side image comparison with his father, the late Robert F. Kennedy. Results showed that a third of voters confused the two… Maybe that’s why the RFK SuperPAC lent into Kennedy family lore for the candidate’s Super Bowl ad.