Anthony Fauci is defending his name before Congress today in response to allegations that he covered up the US government’s role in funding gain-of-function research in China that’s potentially linked to the outbreak of covid.

“Under my leadership, we were well positioned to respond to Covid-19,” the former director of the NIAID claimed in his opening remarks, touting his involvement with the response to HIV/AIDS. “The accusation being circulated that I influenced the scientists to change their minds [about lab leak] by bribing them with millions of dollars in grant money is absolutely false, and simply preposterous.”

The lab leak theory, once labelled racist misinformation, appears to be gaining traction even among Democrats, some of whom joined the GOP in questioning Fauci and his colleagues in recent weeks. It comes after unearthed emails revealed an explicit effort to delete emails to protect Fauci. A lab leak vibe shift appears to be well underway.