Amid Rishi Sunak’s polling woes, there was apparently one ray of greying light: the support of Britain’s pensioners, who would of course be won over his “quadruple lock” on pensions and calls for a return to national service. Okay, maybe Labour has hoovered up elderly voters, but at least the Conservatives can count on being a comfortable second for the age group.

A new poll from Redfield and Wilton would suggest otherwise, however. The findings show that Reform UK has moved into second place behind Labour in both the 55-64 and 65+ age brackets, with the Tories sitting on just 14% and 17% for the groups, respectively. That’s less than half the Labour figure in both cases, while Reform are five points ahead of Sunak’s party among those aged 55-64. You’ve got nothing to lose, Rishi: court the Zoomer vote.