The death of George Floyd in police custody, as well as the ensuing riots and surge in violent crime, can all be blamed on Donald Trump, according to New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait.

Trump’s pro-police commentary emboldened officers to abuse Americans with impunity, leading directly to Floyd’s death, according to the article. “The crisis could have been averted if we simply had a different guy in the Oval Office”, Chait wrote, though he conceded that “it’s impossible to prove that Derek Chauvin would not have killed George Floyd in a hypothetical world in which Hillary Clinton won the 2016 election.”

The crux of the story is that law-and-order conservatives should vote for Biden this November. This is a rallying cry we’re also hearing from liberals who view Trump’s criminal prosecution in New York as an even-handed — and damning — application of the law. Trump, for his part, is obviously relishing his outlaw image.