The New Yorker has today published a 13,000-word article challenging the verdict against Lucy Letby, the nurse who last year was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of seven infants and a further six attempted murders. The piece, written by staff writer Rachel Aviv, is available to US readers but is blocked on the UK version of the site for legal reasons. It is still available to British users of the New Yorker app and subscribers to the print magazine.

Letby’s trial lasted almost a year, from October 2022 to August 2023. During that time, she was accused of injecting babies with air and physically abusing them with medical instruments. Having pled not guilty to the 18 charges brought against her, she faces a retrial next month on a single charge for which the jury was unable to reach a verdict last year. After kickstarting an investigation into Zac Brettler’s death, the American magazine is once again providing important journalism on legal cases.