Do you loathe all parties on offer in this election? Do you feel disillusioned with our political system? Well, you’re not alone.

A campaign has been launched encouraging the British electorate not to vote in the upcoming election. Not In My Name “sends out the clear message that it is sick of the established, self-serving, anti-democratic party-political system, which results in a two-horse race (an either-or choice, being no choice, if both choices are rotten…)”.

Instead, the campaign urges people to “either vote for an independent candidate who you have faith in, or do not vote, and thereby ensure that, if nothing else, you have no hand in the gross misgovernment of our country – that though our country is run badly, it is not done so in your name.”

The goal is to reduce the proportion of the vote for established parties such as the Conservatives, Labour and the Lib Dems to 30%. It is hoped that 70% of the electorate staying out of the democratic process will trigger a radical change of the system. Good luck with that one…