The Trump conviction has become something of a Rorscharch test for American politicos.

Several of Trump’s rivals and critics have come to his defence, with RFK Jr. calling the prosecution “profoundly undemocratic”, while libertarian Justin Amash called it an “affront to Rule of Law”.

Hillary Clinton, who is clearly still salty about her loss in 2016, responded by selling coffee mugs featuring her silhouette and the phrase, “Turns out she was right about everything.” Clinton herself received a mere fine for committing similar crimes during her 2016 campaign.


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Biden, or whoever runs his X account, took a Dark Brandon-themed victory lap over the conviction, taking credit for the prosecution in a way one must assume was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

But there was one surprising response that’s flown under the radar: Susan Collins, the Senate’s most moderate Republican, came to Trump’s defence. Less surprising: Sen. Mike Lee has suggested Biden is a fascist and a dictator and that the prosecution is a form of insurrection. Will son Barron soon avenge his father?