Joe Biden is going to lose his reelection race in November — or so says Bill Maher, a longtime Trump critic.

“I would vote for [Biden’s] head in a jar of blue liquid over Donald Trump,” he told his guest, Left-wing journalist Kara Swisher. “I think it’s a moot point at this point, he’s gonna fucking lose.”

Maher has become something of a heterodox voice within the American Left in recent years, doing interviews with Right-of-centre figures such as Megyn Kelly and critiquing wokeness.

To the extent that Maher is a bellwether for what’s socially acceptable for liberals to say, his view is bad news for Biden, joining an avalanche of bad polling for the incumbent. Maher, for his part, has already vowed not to “ fucking go nuts again” or “get anxious like a millennial” if Trump is reelected. Good for him.