Vice President Kamala Harris made the case for Joe Biden at the Black Entertainment Television awards over the weekend, awkwardly switching between accents during a staged call with actress Taraji P. Henson. “Girl, I’m out here in these streets,” Harris said. And it’s on these streets that Harris has learned that normal Americans, with whom she no doubt has frequent chats, are terrified of Trump and yearning for four more years of the White House incumbent.

Mocking the veep’s bizarre efforts at relatability has become a national pastime, and her go-to phrases include “Do you think you fell out of a coconut tree? You exist in the context of all in which you live and what came before you.” One viral compilation shows Harris repeating the same line about “what can be, unburdened by what has been” at dozens of different events for four minutes. Is she competing with the President to see who sounds less lucid?