Since taking over Twitter/X, Elon Musk has been increasingly vocal on political issues. But there’s one issue where the billionaire has remained coy: who, if anyone, will he be endorsing this election? Though Musk has said in previous interviews that he was “against Biden”, he has so far refrained from following that train of thought to publicly supporting Trump.

That could all be about to change. According to new reporting in Puck, Elon Musk convened a “dozen or so” of America’s captains of industry at the residence of fellow Paypal mafia member, David Sacks. The names included former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, Rupert Murdoch and Steven Mnuchin after Musk reportedly told associates that he was ready to “formalise his running political commentary on Twitter/X into an official endorsement of some sort”. “All were there as members of a burgeoning anti-Biden brain trust,” Puck writes, “united by a shared sense of grievance”. Maybe he just wants Trump to start using X again