The publishing world is one of the industries most captured by progressive zealotry — just go to a book festival or look on any publisher’s website for the evidence. Which is why an anonymous group has established SEEN in Publishing, described as “a network of publishing professionals, authors, and creatives, who recognise the material reality of sex, and support freedom of expression.”

It seems to have ruffled some feathers. Pride networks from Pan Macmillan, Penguin Random House UK and Hachette UK issued a joint statement: “We are disappointed to see the announcement of the SEEN in Publishing group […] We are concerned that the anonymous nature of this group could negatively impact the work environment and undermine individual safety, affecting some of the most marginalised in our communities.”

But SEEN maintains it has remained anonymous to protect its membership from trans activists, saying: “It is those who express their scepticism over gender identity ideology whose liberties, reputations and contracts are under threat.” Indeed, why else would SEEN exist?