In what may be the most surprising endorsement of the year so far, an ex-Black Panther party leader has appeared to pledge support for Donald Trump as America’s next president.


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In a video posted on TikTok, David Hilliard described Trump as a “decent man” and a “friend to African Americans”. The former Black Panther leader said that he knew Trump when he was a college student in New York City, saying that he “gave money” to the radical group. “Trump’s a friend of African Americans, and I knew Trump from the 1960s in New York, where he comes from, and he’s a friend to African Americans,” said Hilliard. “I mean, he’s not a racist. He’s not a racist, fascist white man. He supported black people.”

To complicate matters, Hilliard’s grandson has since spoken publicly to deny that the former radical is a Trump fan, claiming that the interviewer “[took] advantage of my grandfather who suffers from dementia”. Whatever the truth, 2024 is already shaping up to be a typically weird election…