The European hard-Right is supposedly on the march, and they seem to be doing it to musical accompaniment. After the popularisation in Germany of Ausländer raus, an anti-immigration song — chanted over the beat of Gigi D’Agostino’s club fixture L’Amour toujours — whose title translates as “Foreigners Out”, a French equivalent is catching on.

Je Partira Pas (“I won’t leave”), a French pop song about migrants which includes the lyrics “We have given you enough […] Good riddance/And don’t come back”, as well as “When Bardella comes,/You will return home”, has gained popularity among members of Gen Z, to the point that it was this week removed from Tiktok in France. Even Right-wing former presidential candidate Éric Zemmour yesterday shared a video of himself dancing to the tune.

Zoomers appear to be leading the charge of Right-wing parties across the continent, and Britain isn’t immune to the trend. Who did it better: Zemmour or Farage?