It goes without saying that the Conservative Party isn’t having a great election campaign. And while Nigel Farage’s Reform UK has hired some technologically astute Zoomers to handle the party’s social media, CCHQ’s online strategy is full self-sabotage. Today, the Tory Party account photoshopped a moustache and beret onto a clip of Angela Rayner talking about Labour’s new deal for workers.

In the video, Labour’s Deputy Leader talks about ending fire and rehire and zero-hour contracts as the Tories insinuate that her Gallic policies will lead to French-style protests and chaos. But it hasn’t quite landed. As politics academic Rob Ford put it: “Angela Rayner dressed as Super Mario promising to ban a thing people don’t like? Why is there a French flag emoji? Who is this aimed at?” Who is Keir Starmer’s inside man at CCHQ?