Fancy that. Columbia University’s speech restrictions, which were ramped up after 2020 in the name of diversity, equity and inclusion, are now being used to silence Left-wing protesters.

Efforts to quash “hateful” and “far-Right” speech have bewilderingly led to crackdowns on “ideas that are not inherently hateful” — including the “from the river to the sea” chant — according to a new Vox piece which urges progressives to reclaim the value of free speech. “Protecting radical dissent requires tolerating Right-wing speech,” the author begrudgingly acknowledges.

In years past, Vox has repeatedly scoffed at the idea that the free speech rights of conservatives are under attack on campus, a popular argument during the Trump years. But as the Left falls victim to campus censorship, the issue is now suddenly all too real. Maybe free speech has a future after all.