Vivek Ramaswamy has a reputation for defending contentious, even unsavoury, speech. Having stood up for free expression on the campaign trail, he’s having to do the same on his own podcast, after a particularly outspoken from his most recent guest, Right-wing commentator Ann Coulter.

“I agree with many, many things you said… when you were running for president,” she told the former Republican presidential candidate. “But I still would not have voted for you, because you’re an Indian.”

Ramaswamy went on to praise Coulter after the interview for having “the guts to speak her mind” and, never one to shy from controversy, titled the episode “Ann Coulter on the N word: nationalism”.

Aligning oneself with the, shall we say, racially insensitive wing of one’s political party as an ethnic minority is a questionable strategy for a politician. But it’s not a bad way to boost a podcasting career.