Our Mission

When the herd takes off in one direction, what do you do?

UnHerd is for people who dare to think for themselves.

The Western world is divided and uncertain. In the realms of politics, morality, science and culture, establishment opinion is skittish, but assertive — quick to form a consensus and intimidate dissent into silence. Meanwhile, increasingly powerful anti-establishment voices are fast forming into their own tribes.

UnHerd tries to do something different — and harder. We are not interested in contrarianism, or opposition for its own sake; but we make it our mission to challenge herd mentality wherever we see it.

This may be to speak for people who are otherwise dismissed; to challenge lazy consensus; or to make the argument for dimensions of existence that are lost in the din. We seek out thinkers who can bring the broader wisdom of history, philosophy, science and religious thought to bear on the current moment.

We try to give a platform to the overlooked, the downtrodden and the traduced; and to people and places that the world has chosen to forget.

We have no allegiance to any political party or tradition. Our writers often disagree with each other. Our approach is to test and retest assumptions, without fear or favour.

The effect, we hope, is to get a little bit closer to the truth — and to make people think again.

Welcome to UnHerd.