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by UnHerd Staff
Friday, 5
May 2023

Jaron Lanier: How humanity can defeat AI

The techno-philosopher on the power of faith
by UnHerd Staff

Jaron Lanier uniquely straddles the worlds of computer science and philosophy. Born in 1960, he was an academic child prodigy. He enrolled at New Mexico State University aged 13, joined Atari at 23, after which he became a pioneer in the field of virtual reality, developing the first VR headsets and gloves in the Eighties. He has worked at Microsoft since 2006, but has also developed a parallel career as a public intellectual. In recent years, he has emerged as a prominent critic of digital culture and the way social media algorithms aggravate the crudest of human tendencies — his last book was titled Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now.

This week, Lanier joined Florence Read to discuss AI, the possibility of machine consciousness, and why he still has faith in humanity. Watch the full video above.

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