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by UnHerd
Friday, 29
October 2021

Inside Insulate Britain

We embedded in a cell's campaign of disobedience
by UnHerd

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Iris C
Iris C
2 years ago

To see educated people cuddling with arms round each other to repeat an all-for-one slogan is so childish,
As they have not necessarily got insulated houses themselves, they are also hypocrites. The government should pay for it we are told – a government they despise! What of democracy? Despite the fact that they have reached retirement age (no young people), they could still work and earn enough to insulate their own houses before preaching to others..
The government must take strict action now because it is only a matter of time until there are assaults and even deaths. I wonder who would be at fault if a driver assaulted one of these people who are stopping his right to free passage?