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by UnHerd
Wednesday, 9
June 2021

Members event: has lockdown changed us forever?

Join UnHerd for its first in-person event in over a year
by UnHerd

June 21st — will they, won’t they? Well, we will, within the bounds of the law at any rate.

We’re hosting our first *in person* event in over a year, exclusively for UnHerd members to join some of our star contributors in trying to work out: has lockdown changed us forever?

We won’t be re-litigating arguments about the R rate and herd immunity — important though they are — we’re going to look at the bigger political and philosophical impact. Has the experience of lockdown forever changed how we run our societies in the West? Can these changes ever be reversed? Whether it’s the 21st, or July, or September… will lockdown really end? Find out more and get your ticket here.

All this in the beautiful surrounds of a Georgian pub in central London — with a drink included in the ticket price.

It’s also a great moment to bite the bullet and sign up to UnHerd! From today we’ll be limiting non members to 5 full-length articles a month (the shorter pieces remain unlimited), and comments will be members only. This joins the existing membership benefits of the shiny new app and invitation to stimulating members-only events, both online and (increasingly, we hope) in-person.

At 95p a week, we hope you feel it is money well spent…

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Ian nclfuzzy
Ian nclfuzzy
2 years ago

Will this be recorded ?
I’m in Abu Dhabi!!!