Today's Edition, 29 November 2023

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Is racial segregation coming back to America’s schools?

Chicago officials are pursuing an unusual tactic to reduce gaps among its students

| 28 November

Latest from The Post >


Is racial segregation coming back to America’s schools?

Chicago officials are pursuing an unusual tactic to reduce gaps among its students

| 28 November

The brutal truth about ‘Never Again’

Don’t be fooled by the temporary Israel-Hamas ceasefire

Stop pretending to be thankful

We live in an age ruled by resentment

How to build an eco-zealot

The Just Stop Oil revolution is failing

Kidulting is tragic

Growing up turned out to be a trap

The Jewish civil war over Israel

Now is not the time for progressive infighting

Why Snoop Dogg should quit weed

Young people are trading one addiction for another

The Bank of England is out of control

Behind closed doors, a revolution is taking place

Does France have a Napoleon complex?

There's a reason Ridley Scott's film was so hated

Israel’s ceasefire conceals a bigger threat

America is being dragged into a global war


we sit down with original thinkers and talk ideas

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: from New Atheist to Christian convert

The activist and writer speaks to UnHerd about her epiphany

How RFK Jr. could decide the 2024 election

Pollster Joe Bedell told UnHerd why we shouldn't dismiss the insurgent candidate

London demonstration: hate march or peace protest?

Freddie Sayers and Flo Read report from the pro-Palestinian protest

Nick Bostrom: How AI will lead to tyranny

The philosopher speaks to UnHerd about Elon Musk, ethics and existential risk

Why does the Left support Palestine?

James Lindsay and Aaron Bastani debate the war in Gaza


It’s not just Britain suffering from poor growth

All Western countries are facing similar economic headwinds

| 28 November

Tony Blair Institute annual turnover up by $40 million

Latest accounts show that the organisation has enjoyed a bumper year

| 28 November

Puberty blocker use on the rise in the UK

The NHS's clampdown on the controversial treatment is failing

| 28 November

Joe Biden is quietly pumping more oil than Trump did

The US is producing more crude per day than at any point in history

| 27 November

The West is turning away from COP28’s green agenda

The middle and working classes are tiring of draconian climate policies

| 27 November
Off grid

Why is my family getting peerage spam?

A booming industry is helping clients buy honours

| 27 November

China’s debt crisis is getting worse

Xi Jinping is overseeing a major economic slide

| 27 November

Ireland’s liberals are copying America on immigration

The country’s elite has become preoccupied with a far-flung culture war

| 27 November

Why is Doctor Who obsessing over pronouns?

Britain's public broadcaster is championing a niche ideology

| 27 November

This is just the beginning of Ireland’s riots

The Government still isn't listening to voters' concerns

| 25 November
Was China behind Sam Altman’s ousting?

AI is a new front in our civilisational war

Inside the American Redoubt

Christian conservatives are building a fortress — and preparing for anarchy

How losers write history

Britain's political future belongs to disgruntled outcasts

Why I am now a Christian

Atheism can't equip us for civilisational war

The volunteer army that rescued Israel

The Government has done little to help evacuees

Rural America has lost its soul

Jefferson's vision of the family farm is a myth that won't die

Should you hedge your romantic bets?

Your best relationship could already be behind you

Will Marine Le Pen defend French Jews?

Antisemitism in France has taken a radical new turn

Terry Venables: gambler of Euro 96

The England manager embodied an era of optimism

The England manager embodied an era of optimism

What pandas teach us about sex

The Chinese understand their bewitching power

Ridley Scott: our Anglo-Saxon Maximus

The Napoleonic Age is just the latest era he has conquered

What does your constituency really think?