Today's Edition, 4 December 2023

What do Christian Zionists think about Jews?

The evolving theology has influenced policy towards Israel

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New York Times publishes bizarre case for youth gender transition

The paper's latest op-ed is littered with half-truths and misdirections

| 3 December

Latest from The Post >


New York Times publishes bizarre case for youth gender transition

The paper's latest op-ed is littered with half-truths and misdirections

| 3 December

Did Labour rig its selection votes?

An e-ballot scandal is brewing in Croydon East

The brutal truth about ‘Never Again’

Don’t be fooled by the temporary Israel-Hamas ceasefire

Stop pretending to be thankful

We live in an age ruled by resentment

The two faces of Henry Kissinger

This nice Jewish boy was a natural liar

Populism has become a gimmick

From Wilders to Milei, politics is now pantomime

Kidulting is tragic

Growing up turned out to be a trap

Stonewall doesn’t understand human rights

The charity-industrial complex is unravelling

Israel has no plan for Gaza

Righteous fury is obscuring its political objectives

The fake history of Scottish tartan

Robust cultures are built on fantasy


we sit down with original thinkers and talk ideas

Busting the Bill Gates myth

Author Tim Schwab takes aim at the billionaire philanthropist

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: from New Atheist to Christian convert

The activist and writer speaks to UnHerd about her epiphany

How RFK Jr. could decide the 2024 election

Pollster Joe Bedell told UnHerd why we shouldn't dismiss the insurgent candidate

London demonstration: hate march or peace protest?

Freddie Sayers and Flo Read report from the pro-Palestinian protest

Nick Bostrom: How AI will lead to tyranny

The philosopher speaks to UnHerd about Elon Musk, ethics and existential risk


The UK Covid Inquiry is asking the wrong questions

If most politicians broke their own rules, was it really the right approach?

| 2 December
Off grid

Will science or sunlight save the miserable modern man?

Not everyone agrees with Bryan Johnson's biomedical approach to health

| 2 December

Just how authentic is Taylor Swift?

The singer is the inspiration for Merriam-Webster's word of the year

| 1 December

Canada’s trans activism goes into overdrive

Justin Trudeau's government is pressing ahead with a series of radical measures

| 1 December

How to avoid South Korea’s demographic disaster

Economic and cultural burdens are putting off potential parents

| 1 December

The Ron DeSantis show is back on the air

Last night's debate saw the return of the TV showman who won Florida

| 1 December

Alistair Darling was a rare kind of politician

The former Chancellor was never a man for grandstanding

| 1 December

Why MSNBC cancelled Mehdi Hasan’s show

The host's vocal pro-Palestine commentary made his position untenable

| 30 November

What football taught Henry Kissinger

The diplomat's passion for the game shaped his attitude to geopolitics

| 30 November

The BBC has chosen the misinformation market over Newsnight

The corporation is pivoting to the performative journalism of BBC Verify

| 30 November
Was China behind Sam Altman’s ousting?

AI is a new front in our civilisational war

Inside the American Redoubt

Christian conservatives are building a fortress — and preparing for anarchy

How losers write history

Britain's political future belongs to disgruntled outcasts

Why I am now a Christian

Atheism can't equip us for civilisational war

Shane MacGowan: Ireland’s punk poet

We won’t be seeing men like him again

The original feminist BDSM cult

Was Aristasia therapy, magic or kink?

How porn breeds paedophiles

Child sex abuse has become normalised online

The volunteer army that rescued Israel

The Government has done little to help evacuees

The curse of the metrosexual

Stop telling men to be more like women

Stop telling men to be more like women

The tragedy behind Kissinger’s realpolitik

His statecraft internalised the lessons of the Holocaust

Israel is turning into Lebanon

The fate of Gaza, Tel Aviv and Beirut is conjoined

What does your constituency really think?