Today's Edition, 11 December 2023

How to decolonise Britain

We must escape the bind of the American Empire

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The West is wrong about China’s economy

Rumours of an impending collapse are greatly exaggerated

| 11 December

This time, the EU could collapse

This decade could well be the Union's last

This decade could well be the Union's last

Meet the Iranians supporting Israel

Citizens of the Islamic republic weren't surprised by October 7

Citizens of the Islamic republic weren't surprised by October 7

Has John Lewis killed the Christmas ad?

'Sadvertising' taps into our deepest fears

'Sadvertising' taps into our deepest fears

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The West is wrong about China’s economy

Rumours of an impending collapse are greatly exaggerated

| 11 December

Why all this Trump hysteria?

America won't descend into an authoritarian state

The NHS cult of natural birth

Women are being denied crucial medical intervention

The ANC has betrayed Nelson Mandela

South Africa is facing its Venezuela moment

The NYT is wrong about Israeli intelligence

The IDF knew of Hamas's plan — and made the logical call

The self-delusion of secular Jews

The quest for assimilation will always be futile

Searching for Shane MacGowan

I've spent my life in thrall to the Irish rebel

China’s economic plan is bankrupt

The model that created a superpower is failing

How the Krampus stole Christmas

Christian associations are fading into darkness

Who will win Israel’s oil and gas war?

Netanyahu spies an untapped energy market in Europe


we sit down with original thinkers and talk ideas

Busting the Bill Gates myth

Author Tim Schwab takes aim at the billionaire philanthropist

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: from New Atheist to Christian convert

The activist and writer speaks to UnHerd about her epiphany

How RFK Jr. could decide the 2024 election

Pollster Joe Bedell told UnHerd why we shouldn't dismiss the insurgent candidate

London demonstration: hate march or peace protest?

Freddie Sayers and Flo Read report from the pro-Palestinian protest

Nick Bostrom: How AI will lead to tyranny

The philosopher speaks to UnHerd about Elon Musk, ethics and existential risk


More than one in eight African Americans deny the Holocaust

A new poll finds that anti-Israel feeling has developed into more extreme forms

| 10 December
Campus Wars

UPenn president’s resignation could be a turning point

Liz Magill stepped down following this week's Congressional hearing on antisemitism

| 10 December
Dark Web

Conservatives are too obsessed with TikTok

The platform is dangerous — but not for the reasons the Right thinks

| 9 December

Is TikTok really making young Americans antisemitic?

Republican Nikki Haley made a questionable claim this week

| 8 December

Scotland’s gender ruling is a victory for feminists

The UK Government's veto of Holyrood's self-ID bill has been ruled lawful

| 8 December
Off grid

Has Japan’s MeToo moment finally arrived?

A series of sex scandals has rocked the country

| 8 December

Boris Johnson is still in denial about lockdowns

The UK Covid inquiry is shamefully avoiding the biggest lesson of 2020

| 8 December

Does Germany have a special responsibility towards Israel?

Saxony-Anhalt wants new citizens to recognise the Jewish state's right to exist

| 8 December

Jenrick’s departure is more serious than Braverman’s

The former minister was seen as a loyalist to the PM

| 7 December

The EU is falling behind China

Ursula von der Leyen's summit with Xi Jinping will yield few results

| 7 December
The tomb of Palestinian liberation

Mahmoud Abbas is unable to secure peace

Was China behind Sam Altman’s ousting?

AI is a new front in our civilisational war

Inside the American Redoubt

Christian conservatives are building a fortress — and preparing for anarchy

How losers write history

Britain's political future belongs to disgruntled outcasts

Human rights died in Gaza

Geneva's decadent religion needs a Reformation

In defence of Weebs

Japan lovers are nostalgic for a long-lost, pastoral Britain

Gay cinema is too boring

There's more to art than twinks and swimming

Joe Biden is the grinch of Iowa

Denied their own jamboree, Democrats may turn Republican for a laugh

George Santos is no Gatsby

Pathological liars quickly turn into clowns

Pathological liars quickly turn into clowns

Hamas aren’t Hollywood villains

The Gaza war has been turned into a Marvel film

The dogmatism of common sense

Politics is a place for ideas, not impulses

What does your constituency really think?