Today's Edition, 22 September 2023

Confessions of a Russell Brand superfan

My obsession hasn't been entirely straightforward

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In Canada, the gender wars are now a national issue

Thousands of Canadians protested against trans ideology this week

| 21 September

Blue-collar workers are our only hope

Automation will turn us all into serfs

Automation will turn us all into serfs

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In Canada, the gender wars are now a national issue

Thousands of Canadians protested against trans ideology this week

| 21 September

Will we execute the Russian oligarchs? 

The West's moral fervour breeds persecution

Why we sacrifice young girls

We're in denial about male desire

Keir Starmer still doesn’t get Brexit

The Labour leader discusses Europe the way Clinton discussed sex

Will Dominic Cummings destroy Westminster?

A new party isn't a substitute for revolutionary zeal

The Noughties enabled Russell Brand

In a culture of viciousness, he was adored

Russell Brand’s sexual apocalypse

He is a creature of the MSM he so despises

Russell Brand and the presumption of innocence

The public loses from such unserious debate

Immigration is religion’s only hope

White progressives face a surprising alliance

Incels are the new jihadis

Experts have exchanged one moral panic for another


we sit down with original thinkers and talk ideas

The Russell Brand divide: could both sides be right?

Mary Harrington spoke to UnHerd about the accusations against the comedian

Steven Berkoff: Offensive art is liberating

The actor spoke to UnHerd about the dangers of self-censorship

Gad Saad: Postmodernism is making us miserable

The behavioural scientist told UnHerd how we can find happiness in a confusing world

Wolfgang Münchau: the end of the German era

AfD voters are rebelling against a failing economy

Inside Tony Blair Inc.

The former PM's new empire is growing


The EU won’t save Giorgia Meloni on immigration

Arrivals from Africa are destabilising Italy's government

| 21 September

The Bank of England’s interest rate decision is short-termist

Rising energy prices could fuel inflation further

| 21 September

Has Poland grown sick of helping Ukraine?

The country's leaders are choosing national interest over foreign aid

| 21 September

Why do so many teenage girls feel unsafe?

A new survey found that nearly half are afraid to walk the streets alone

| 21 September

British Vogue’s virtue-signalling may be coming to an end

Incoming editor Chioma Nnadi is decidedly less political than her predecessor

| 20 September

Arts Council England agrees to pay compensation to feminist

The organisation reached a settlement with Denise Fahmy this week

| 20 September

Overwhelming majority of Tory voters reject Net Zero policies

News of a backtrack by Rishi Sunak should not come as a surprise

| 20 September

The EU is set to ban paying for sperm

Difficult ethical questions should be answered at a national level

| 20 September

Why is oil demand so high?

Despite soaring prices, the commodity remains more valuable than ever

| 20 September

America’s sanctuary cities are falling apart

Places like New York are struggling to deal with an influx of migrants

| 19 September
The paranoia behind China’s spy war

Espionage is a fact of geopolitical life

The ‘segregated’ playdate that led to a bomb threat

Moral revolutionaries targeted my Californian community

Why we need Oliver Anthony

Britain needs a cultural rebellion

What’s the point of the Women’s World Cup?

Grandiose claims about deeper meaning aren't always the answer

The lies of trauma merchants

Hasan Minhaj won over liberals by playing the victim

How American liberals can win

Masculinity and nationalism must not be off-limits

Elon Musk hasn’t betrayed Ukraine

Starlink worked for the military from the start

Peter Thiel has launched a class war

The Praxis Society wants to build a dystopia for the rich

The gladiatorial art of the quiz show

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a Roman circus

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a Roman circus

My night out with the Proud Boys

Enrique Tarrio is taking the hit for Donald Trump

Peep Show is a national humiliation

Its nihilism speaks for us all

What does your constituency really think?