Today's Edition, 8 June 2023

Poland’s phoney war on ‘Russian saboteurs’

The government's new commission is a McCarthyite ploy

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Does the ‘Whatever’ podcast make women look stupid?

Media accusations of misogyny don't tell the full story

| 7 June

Latest from The Post >


Does the ‘Whatever’ podcast make women look stupid?

Media accusations of misogyny don't tell the full story

| 7 June

The gender wars are not a gift to the Right

Concerned women are hardly extremists

‘I was hounded out of Oxfam over JK Rowling’

A former employee reveals how she was silenced

How the elites squandered Brexit

Britain still resembles an EU member state

South Africa isn’t neutral on Ukraine

Ramaphosa's pretence is starting to unravel

The capitalists are revolting over China

Western hawks face an unlikely resistance

Pride is no place for homosexuals

The gay community has better things to do

RFK Jr could learn from his father

Bobby Kennedy forged a path between America's extremes

Why Putin will use nuclear weapons

All the signs suggest Russia has made up its mind

Why Ron DeSantis can’t meme

The Online Right has no time for frauds


we sit down with original thinkers and talk ideas

Was New Atheism a mistake?

Richard Dawkins on God, vaccines and his poetic spirit

Ukrainian MP: why victory is the only option

Inna Sovsun on drone attacks, censorship and the future of Crimea

Top French diplomat: the ‘Western moment’ is over

Gérard Araud says that we have entered a multipolar world

Kathleen Stock: I feel sorry for the students trying to ban me

The philosopher speaks about the confusion of the younger generation

Robert Kennedy Jr: America needs a revolution

The 2024 outsider on Biden, Ukraine and Covid misinformation


The political evolution of Jack Dorsey

Twitter's founder recently endorsed Robert F. Kennedy Jr

| 7 June

Why Alex Salmond’s independence pact will fail

The former first minister's latest ruse won't interest the SNP

| 7 June

What do we know about Ukraine’s counteroffensive?

Combat is extending well beyond Bakhmut


Anti-woke boycotts hurt Target and Bud Light

Stock prices have plummeted since the backlash

| 6 June

China’s mixed recovery spells trouble for the West

Beijing has been forced to intervene in the manufacturing sector


Chris Pratt bucks Hollywood’s progressive trend

His latest success proves conservative politics aren't a box office turn-off


Why is Holly Willoughby trying to be my therapist?

The host turned This Morning into a sermon


Keir Starmer will regret his Corbynite purge

Mayoral candidate Jamie Driscoll has been blocked on flimsy pretexts

| 5 June

Universal basic income will kill democracy

Creating passive citizens will leave real power with a select few


Germany’s AfD shows the populist tide is back

The party is now tied with Olaf Scholz's SPD in second place

Why are teachers striking over slavery?

California's unions prioritise progressivism over fair pay

The betrayal of white working-class men

They've been recast as the elite's salivating attack dogs

How America weaponised the West

Unity is an illusion designed to prevent a European split

Is Donald Trump a werewolf?

A silver bullet won't solve the problem

How landlords became monsters

Renters are engaged in a new class conflict

The dilemma of displaying corpses

Even the dead have a hierarchy of victimhood

The Little Mermaid is Disney propaganda

Guilt-ridden millennials are its target audience

The cynical hysteria around AI

Why are tech billionaires pretending to be scared?

Will America share Rome’s fate?

Our empire's over-extension could be its downfall

Our empire's over-extension could be its downfall

Is anyone at home in Northern Ireland?

An ambiguous identity is productive for writers

Poetry has lost its violence

Censorious prudes miss the point of art

What does your constituency really think?