What does your constituency really think?

Today's Edition, 24 March 2023

India’s lost lockdown generation

The world's largest democracy has sacrificed its future

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Who will represent the dissenting minority?

UnHerd polling shows that a populist strain in British politics persists

| 23 March

Latest from The Post >


Who will represent the dissenting minority?

UnHerd polling shows that a populist strain in British politics persists

| 23 March

Why China’s peace plan for Ukraine will fail

A weakened Xi is desperate for a win

Pornhub is screwing its workers

If sex work is work, it probably shouldn't exist

The true Left is not woke

Progressive activists have forgotten their roots

George Osborne’s sordid Elgin plan

The artefacts belong neither to Greece nor Britain

The trouble with arresting Trump

He is the Father Gapon of American politics

Is America turning into Pakistan?

Trump's looming arrest suggests its future doesn't lie in Florida

America is fighting the wrong university wars

Ron DeSantis is blind to the bigger problem

Ron DeSantis is blind to the bigger problem

Boris and the world’s worst birthday party

Britain can't even do Watergate properly

Toulouse and the birth of modern jihadism

The attack exposed the myth of the lone wolf


we sit down with original thinkers and talk ideas

Lionel Shriver: Insensitivity Reader

The author explains why she's determined to keep offending people

Lionel Shriver: ‘I benefited from wokeness’

Self-hatred started with my generation

The case against the Silicon Valley Bank rescue

Matthew Stoller set out the dangers of the decision to protect SVB depositors

Chris Miller: Get ready for the chip wars

Could microchips stop China invading Taiwan?

David Sacks: is the Silicon Valley Bank deal a bailout?

The tech investor argues that the Government is right to protect depositors


Keir Starmer is (still) equivocating on women’s rights

The Labour leader's new gender policy is a fudge

| 23 March

Centrist dads rally at ‘The Rest is Politics Live’

Thousands flocked to the London Palladium to mourn a bygone world

| 23 March

Boris Johnson will escape into the night

The former PM will remain a force in Tory politics, even if he never returns

| 23 March

Three years on: Britons still support lockdowns

New UnHerd polling reveals most of the nation thinks the measure was justified

| 23 March

Left-wing bias persists in OpenAI’s GPT-4 model

Despite improvements, it is easy to game the system

| 22 March

The truth about Posie Parker and the neo-Nazis

Australian politicians were too quick to tar gender-critical feminists

| 22 March

Giorgia Meloni confronts increasingly sceptical public on Ukraine

The Italian PM remains committed to providing military aid

| 22 March

Trans activists are today’s Militant Tendency

If Keir Starmer wants to succeed, he must face them down

| 22 March

How Nature journal hurt Trump supporters’ trust in science

A new study shows that endorsing Biden had a polarising effect on its readership

| 21 March

The myth of Sweden’s voluntary lockdown

Mobility data shows that Swedes' behaviour barely changed during the pandemic

| 21 March
The real Covid conspiracy

Supine scientists such as Jeremy Farrar are being let off the hook

The man who launched the vaccine wars

Andrew Wakefield is still trying to fool the medical establishment

The Guardian’s links to the slave trade

Its founding myth depends on moral contortionism

Maus and the repressive power of Jewish trauma

Should American Jews let go of the Holocaust?

A very modern Jesus Revolution

Hippies made Christianity a consumer choice

Justin Welby can’t read the room

We shepherds are sick of ten years of managerialism

We are living in Mystic Meg’s world

More powerful sorcerers are hiding in plain sight

Did Medieval women have it better?

Feminism has gone into reverse before

The Taliban’s lessons in masculinity

Feminists are not the cause of man's malaise

Feminists are not the cause of man's malaise

The music-hall depravity of British politics

Showmen have always thrived in Westminster

Tucker Carlson’s fake populism

I used to be his biggest fan

What does your constituency really think?