Today's Edition, 29 September 2023

Why Britain should leave the ECHR

Europe's cruel immigration crisis requires a radical solution

The reason lads want Joe Rogan

His podcast is pure Gen-X masculinity

His podcast is pure Gen-X masculinity

The myth of Chinese imperialism

There is nothing nefarious about the Belt and Road

There is nothing nefarious about the Belt and Road

Stephen King’s boomer propaganda

The former anti-authoritarian was captured by Covid

The former anti-authoritarian was captured by Covid

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The Russia-Ukraine war is now measured in metres and inches

The frontline is not moving

| 29 September

The white heat of Britain’s decline

Like Wilson's before him, Starmer's grand plan is doomed

Nato is weakening America

Europe, not America, is calling the shots

The Left is losing the climate class war

Punishing the workers won't save the planet

The conservative case for Strictly

Its sentimental smut is out of place at the BBC

Not every anorexic can be saved

The woman I watched starve to death deserved better

Russell Brand’s Messiah complex

He resembles that biblical lothario, King David

The Met’s firearms officers are political pawns

All sides are posturing in the police debate

Biden is no ally of the Michigan auto strike

The President's 'solidarity' masks a deeper betrayal

Blue-collar workers are our only hope

Automation will turn us all into serfs


we sit down with original thinkers and talk ideas

Climate scientist: why I left out the full truth in my research

Patrick Brown tells UnHerd why he designed his research to sound catastrophic

The Russell Brand divide: could both sides be right?

Mary Harrington spoke to UnHerd about the accusations against the comedian

Steven Berkoff: Offensive art is liberating

The actor spoke to UnHerd about the dangers of self-censorship

Gad Saad: Postmodernism is making us miserable

The behavioural scientist told UnHerd how we can find happiness in a confusing world

Wolfgang Münchau: the end of the German era

AfD voters are rebelling against a failing economy


Joe Biden is sowing the seeds of more worker strikes

Rising inflation and borrowing costs are hurting America's poorest

| 28 September

Progressives ignore America’s crime wave at their peril

The closure of nine Target stores in coastal cities reflects poorly on Democrats

| 28 September

Trump’s rivals are failing to outflank him

Last night's GOP debate was defined by a lack of vision

| 28 September

Ireland’s World Cup anthem exposes old class divisions

Sinn Féin supporters reacted angrily to the singing of The Cranberries' ‘Zombie'

| 28 September

The cost-of-living crisis won’t lead to ‘thousands’ of early deaths

A new study makes a wildly exaggerated claim

| 27 September

Why the Conservatives have a shot in London

A new poll finds that the Tories are trailing Labour by three points in the capital

| 27 September
Dark Web

Could ChatGPT be your new girlfriend?

The AI language model can now see and speak

| 27 September

EU freedom of movement buckles under mass migration

Even Germany is acting to strengthen its borders

| 27 September

Google Pixel 8’s new editing feature is dystopian

The Magic Editor tool allows users to change people's faces and expressions

| 27 September

Joe Biden has revealed the Michigan strikers’ weakness

The President knows his presence will boost his authority rather than hurt it

| 26 September
Rupert Murdoch was my fiercest competitor

He presided over a culture of total war

The paranoia behind China’s spy war

Espionage is a fact of geopolitical life

The ‘segregated’ playdate that led to a bomb threat

Moral revolutionaries targeted my Californian community

Why we need Oliver Anthony

Britain needs a cultural rebellion

Joe Biden’s billion-dollar oil mistake

The President hamstrung his country from Day One

Can the Pope survive the Rupnik scandal?

Rome is wondering what he knew about historic crimes

One year on, who blew up Nord Stream 2?

Non-state actors make the perfect saboteurs

Legal prostitution is a gift to pimps

Women need protection from male greed

Why the West’s elites invented a permacrisis

Our desperate rulers are clinging on to a dying world

Our desperate rulers are clinging on to a dying world

Capitalism is dead: long live Technofeudalism

We have all been turned into cloud-serfs

Can paedophilia ever be a thought experiment?

Philosophy professors are no longer safe

What does your constituency really think?