Today's Edition, 17 August 2022

America will always fear Caesar

Don't be fooled by the Age of Hamilton

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Britain can become an education super-exporter

Our universities have a unique appeal for foreign students

| 16 August

Keir Starmer’s squandered chance

Our failing economy should be red meat for Labour

Our failing economy should be red meat for Labour

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Britain can become an education super-exporter

Our universities have a unique appeal for foreign students

| 16 August

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How we gave up on Salman Rushdie

Britain saw his fatwa and internalised it

Donald Trump’s next move

His family and inner circle want him to run

The West is homeless

We're no longer willing to sacrifice our desires

Jerry Sadowitz is too good to cancel

He may be a monster, but at least he's talented

There is no “Biden Doctrine”

A year after Kabul, his vision is blurred by chaos

MeToo killed Game of Thrones

Nobody wants a sexless prequel

Civil disobedience is coming

Britain's failed elites could spark a winter revolution

Britain's failed elites could spark a winter revolution

Bankers have failed us again

Our economic elites are making every wrong call

Will we escape our age of failure?

Inflation has crushed our incompetent elites

Behind the news

Why Rishi Sunak won’t win British Indian votes

The diaspora are interested in economic basics, not identity

| 16 August

Will the Rhine dry up this summer?

Drought is threatening Germany's key industrial artery

| 16 August

Britain’s trade deficit has nothing to do with Brexit

Prices are rising thanks to our self-defeating Russian sanctions

| 16 August

Partition was not an imperialist plot

Ahistorical narratives dominate our understanding of the event

| 15 August
Behind the news

Hamas caught trying to control reporting in Gaza

The news agenda shouldn't be set by armed thugs

| 15 August

Climate change is not making children obese

Journalists are twisting facts to suit their political agenda

| 15 August

Layla Moran and Britain’s missing reservoirs

The Oxford West MP symbolises all that's wrong with planning regulations

| 15 August

Salman Rushdie won’t be the last

Thuggish crybullies will find more targets

| 13 August

New research: #MeToo movement hurt female productivity

CV data shows that fewer women academics are collaborating with men

| 12 August
Seen Elsewhere

Does the U.S. actually want to defend Taiwan?

War has gone from a remote scenario to a fearfully plausible one

| 12 August


we sit down with original thinkers and talk ideas

His wife’s plea: The case for Julian Assange

Lawyer Stella Moris discusses her husband's liberty and the free internet

Slavoj Žižek: We are addicted to chaos

The philosopher explores our obsession with cancel culture and crisis

David Fuller: What happened to Jordan Peterson?

The Rebel Wisdom founder discusses the psychologist's descent into tribalism

Aella meets Louise Perry: Was the sexual revolution a mistake?

An OnlyFans star speaks to an anti-porn feminist

WHO’s Susan Michie: my politics are my business

Freddie Sayers spoke to the new WHO Nudge Unit chair to discuss the politics of public health

America has lost its purpose

Killing terrorists is no substitute for strategy

The West needs to grow up

Robert Bly's'The Sibling Society' reveals how culture wars infantilise society

Peter Thiel on the dangers of progress

The tech billionaire discusses Silicon Valley, Christianity and apocalypse

Inside the Ukrainian resistance

In Kherson, Russian collaborators are being hunted

The infidels will not be silenced

Like Salman Rushdie, I choose freedom

How the British conquered Majorca

Who would turn down sunbathing and sex?

The many failures of Ben Affleck

He's learnt to live with disappointment

The EU has created a new dictatorship

The death of Tunisian democracy will soon backfire

University needs to hurt

Students should consent to be harmed

Students should consent to be harmed

America’s tribes are ready for war

The middle ground has been plundered

How Morrissey revived the Union Jack

Labour has forgotten how to be patriotic

What does your constituency really think?